Welcome to the Charmandean & Area Residents' Association

The Charmandean & Area Residents' Association (CARA) was formed in 2017 with the following purpose:
  • To protect the interests, civic and otherwise of Charmandean & Area Residents
  • To preserve, develop and improve its amenities, environmental aspect and surroundings
  • To encourage and build community spirit

We aim to keep residents updated with the latest news on community matters and to provide a unified voice on matters of general concern such as the A27 proposals.

Throughout the year we hold various events. For events that require an entrance fee the charge is reduced for Members of the Association and for all who live within that household - so you could easily cover the cost of membership just by attending one event!

Our Members also receive newsletters and emails about important matters that may impact on them

If you are a resident in the Charmandean area and would like to join the Association then please use the Contact us button below in the QUICK LINKS section and we will be in touch. See our Constitution to see whether your road lies within the Association boundaries.

If you would like take an active role within CARA then please us the Contact us button in the quick links below. 

Email us at: charmandeanresidents@outlook.com

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To ensure that the production of newsletters, similar communication, and administration costs are covered by the Association there will be a £5 annual charge for membership subscription, running 1st January to 31st December .



 (Agreed with amendments 24 February 2021)

 1. Name

The Association shall be known as the Charmandean & Area Residents’ Association, hereafter referred to as CARA, with a non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit making policy.

  1. Purpose


  1. To protect the interests, civic and otherwise, of the CARA residents.
  2. To preserve, develop and improve the amenities, environmental aspects and surroundings of the Charmandean area.
  3. To encourage and build community spirit among CARA residents.


  1. Objectives


  1. To initiate action to promote the purposes of the Association, to act as a co-ordinating body on behalf of all residents and to co-operate with local and national government authorities and other local organisations or special interest groups and charities with similar aims to those of the CARA in order to resolve local issues.
  2. To inform residents and the wider community of CARA activities and to give advice and information through marketing platforms such as newsletters.
  3. To organise the Annual General Meeting and other events for local residents.
  4. To raise funds by means of subscription, donation, events or otherwise providing the CARA does not undertake any permanent trading activities for raising funds.


  1. Membership


  1. The CARA membership shall be open to all aged 18 or over who reside within the CARA area.
  2. The CARA area consists of the Charmandean estate itself, Hill Barn Lane and all roads leading from it to include the houses accessed from the road to the golf course, the northern side of the Upper Brighton Road from Grove Lodge roundabout eastwards ending at the approach to Lyons Farm to include Beeches Avenue and Pines Avenue.
  3. The membership subscription runs from January 1st to December 31st with subscription due on January 1st each year. Subscriptions paid during 2017 will run until December 31st, 2018.
  4. Any member may terminate membership at any time by notification to the Membership Secretary. No refund of subscription paid will be made.
  5. The Executive Committee may refuse or terminate membership by resolution of at least two-thirds of the Committee attending a duly constituted meeting.


  1. Subscriptions


  1. The annual subscription shall always be a reasonable amount for family households with the Executive Committee determining any changes to the amount from time to time.
  2. Notice for payments will be 6 weeks with non-payments leading to removal from the membership database.
  3. Meetings
  4. The AGM will be held by March 31st each year at a convenient and local venue giving members at least 6 weeks’ notice.


  1. The AGM gives all CARA members the opportunity to hear about CARA activities and to receive reports on the accounts for the previous year as well as participate in discussions.


  1. At the AGM, a suitably qualified or experienced person, who will not be a CARA Executive Committee member, will be appointed with the approval of members present at the meeting to undertake a review of the accounts.


  1. General meetings may be held at any time at the discretion of the Executive Committee. 14 days’ notice shall be given to members of such a meeting but this period can be reduced by resolution of the Executive Committee where an urgent meeting is required. The notice of the meeting shall include details of the business to be conducted at the meeting.


  1. An Extraordinary General meeting may be requested at any time by any ten members of the Association or two-thirds of the membership (which is the less). Where such a meeting is requested, the Secretary shall be required to convene the meeting within 4 weeks of receipt of the request, providing at least 14 days’ notice to all members.


  1. At the AGM, where there is more than one nomination for the office of chairperson, the meeting shall appoint a member who has not been nominated as an officer to conduct the part of the meeting during which the election of officers takes place. Following the completion of the election of officers, the Chair of the meeting shall be as for a General meeting.


  1. At any General or Extraordinary meeting the Chairperson or Vice Chair must be present or, in the absence of both, the meeting will elect its own Chair with that person having the casting vote.


  1. Any amendment to this Constitution may be made at the AGM or any other meeting duly called and will require a vote in favour of at least two-thirds of those present at the meeting. In other circumstances where a vote is required, a majority of those present will be sufficient.


  1. Other than where a secret ballot is specifically provided for in this Constitution or at least five members present at the meeting request a secret ballot, voting will be by show of hands.


  1. Expenses, Administration and Application of Funds


    The Executive Committee shall pay all proper expenses out of the CARA funds subject to the expenses being agreed by the Executive Committee in advance.


  1. Archiving


  1. The minutes, accounts and all property of the CARA, including all documents relating to CARA affairs, shall be entrusted to such member of the Executive Committee as shall be determined by the Executive Committee.


  1. Any member of the Executive Committee so entrusted who ceases to be a member of the Executive Committee shall within seven days hand over to the Chairperson all documentation or property entrusted to them.


  1. Website and Database


  1. The Officer or other Committee Member entrusted with the management of the website and database may appoint another Officer or Member to assist in its function with the agreement of the Executive Committee.


  1. Members’ information (including email addresses) will be stored securely and not passed to any other organisation whatsoever.


  1. In order to protect personal data, all electronic communications with members on behalf of the Association will be in such a way that individual members will not see any personal data.


  1. Winding Up


  1. The CARA may be dissolved at any time by a two-thirds majority of members present and voting at an Extraordinary or AGM meeting.


  1. In the event of dissolution the available funds shall be transferred to one or more charitable institutions as chosen by the Executive Committee and approved at the AGM at which the decision to be dissolved is confirmed.




Officers and Executive Committee





  1. Other than for the period prior to the first AGM of the Association in 2018, nominations for the election of officers shall be made in writing at least 10 days prior to the AGM. If the nominations exceed the amount of vacancies a secret ballot shall take place. All nominees must be paid-up members of the Association and must consent to their names being put forward.


  1. No person may take part in the ballot unless they are present at the meeting and are a registered member of the Association who has paid the subscription for the current year.


  1. Elections for officers will take place prior to the election of additional committee members.


  1. The CARA officers shall consist of:





Executive Officer


  1. The CARA Executive Committee has the power to create new positions for new officers from members from time to time as it determines to be necessary.


Executive Committee


  1. The Executive Committee compromises the list above and no more than ten other members.


  1. Other than for the period prior to the first AGM of the Association in 2018, nominations for the election of committee members other than the officers shall be made in writing at least 10 days prior to the AGM. If the nominations exceed the amount of vacancies a secret ballot shall take place. All nominees must be paid-up members of the Association and must consent to their names being put forward.


  1. Every Committee Member shall relinquish their position every year and shall be eligible for re-election each year at the AGM except that a Chairperson who has been elected for four consecutive years may not hold the same position for the fifth year


  1. The Executive Committee may invite other members of the Association to attend meetings in an advisory role and non-voting capacity.


  1. The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the management and administration of CARA activities.


  1. The Executive Committee shall meet as required. The Secretary shall give no less than 14 days’ notice of the meeting. The Secretary will ensure that the previous meeting’s minutes are issued as soon as possible after a meeting.


  1. There shall be a quorum of half of the membership of the Committee.


  1. Officers and committee members shall have a vote on any issue where a decision has to be made. In the event of equal votes the Chairperson shall have a second or casting vote.


  1. If a member of the Executive Committee does not attend three consecutive meeting the remaining individuals may vote to declare the position vacant.




  1. Sub-committees may be created at times when the Executive Committee considers it necessary and will be subordinate to the Executive Committee.


  1. A sub-committee may be regulated by the Executive Committee and can be dissolved by the Executive Committee.


Initial Arrangements


For the period from 1 August 2017 to the AGM for 2018, following the meeting convened on 27 July 2017, the affairs of the Association (including the power to formally confirm this Constitution) shall be administered by:


Chairperson - Lisa Carmel

Secretary - Kevin McCormac

Treasurer- Viv Seymour

Executive Officer - Tricia Croucher              


The officers may appoint additional members to the Executive Committee or fill any vacancies that arise in the officers as required.


Copies of the CARA Constitution are available online or by writing to the CARA Secretary via the CARA website: www.charmandeanresidents.co.uk

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